There are about 350 million surveillance cameras worldwide as of 2016, and CCTV has only increased in popularity in recent years.  The idea of increasing protection in our personal and professional spheres is something that appeals to us all, but how exactly do we benefit from CCTV?

Preventing crime

Whether your home or business is seeing repeated criminal activity, or you want to prevent potential intruders from targeting your property, CCTV cameras are useful tools for not only recording crime, but also preventing it. If you are unfortunate enough to have experienced criminal activity on your property, it’ll all have been recorded, providing you with vital evidence to take forward. And the sight of a CCTV camera in action is usually enough to put intruders off targeting your property.

Increases impression of security

If you own a business, you can install CCTV cameras inside and outside your business, and feel reassured that your staff and customers are not only being monitored, but are also more protected by the presence of CCTV. For homeowners, the thought that you family, property or possessions are safer thanks to their CCTV is a source of comfort.

Monitor activity

CCTV cameras not only increase the impression of protection for your home or business; they also take the pressure off your hands when it comes to monitoring activity. As a business, being able to monitor the activity of your staff allows you to focus on other important tasks at hand and ensures any issues can be recorded and easily resolved.