CCTV isn’t just useful for extra security or preventing crime. We also provide a range of CCTV systems which can be to monitor carers in a patient’s home, or even just for anybody who wants to keep track of their elderly parents on a daily basis and ensure they’re okay.

How it works:

There have been increasing reports in the news of carers taking advantage of their patients’ vulnerability whilst in their home and using it to abuse or neglect them, or steal from the property. While this is distressing to think about, it’s reassuring to know that your family member who requires care can be monitored by secret cameras that record a carer’s actions in their home, and passed on to you to examine. UK CCTV Security Cameras provide cameras which are small enough to be hidden in secret locations, and can help with set-up and installation.

Similarly, if you simply want to keep track of your elderly parents and ensure they are staying safe, UK CCTV Security Cameras has the solution. We will install a number of CCTV cameras near to the exit points of the property, such as front doors, back doors, garages and fire exits. These cameras will be fitted with sensors, which will trigger an alert if movement is detected near these areas. The alert will be passed onto you via an app, which can be downloaded on your phone, allowing you to track movement and ensure everything is okay with a quick press of a button.

You can view our range of cameras below. For advice on what would suit you the best, or to arrange an installation, call us on 08006338486 now.