The uses of CCTV are extensive, and continue to grow even today. Gone are the times when the only people who owned CCTV cameras were the rich and the government. Now, everyone knows someone who uses CCTV, whether it be for security purposes, preventing crime, monitoring a workplace or protecting valuables.

CCTV is currently evolving. It has so many uses, and as technology grows, so do our ideas. That’s why we now provide CCTV cameras for two new but popular purposes- to monitor carers and/or elderly parents, and to check up on pets.

Why CCTV for carers?

It’s very unfortunate that it recently came to light that many carers working in the industry cannot be trusted. Stories came out in the news of certain individuals who set up secret cameras in their relatives’ homes when they suspected their vulnerability was being taken advantage of by a carer. Some recordings exposed shocking behaviour, such as abuse, neglect and stealing, and lead to widespread anger towards the carer community.

While it’s important to note that the majority of carers do their jobs as they should, these news stories, which are still commonly heard of today, have led many people to express interest in installing their own hidden cameras in their relatives’ homes, to check that they are being cared for correctly. That’s where our cameras come in, and you can check out our range on our website.

Why CCTV for the elderly?

As we age, we may begin to experience confusion, or become incapable of doing the tasks we once found easy. That said, we wouldn’t want to give up our independence and dignity unless absolutely necessary, and the same goes for our elderly parents or relatives.

If your relatives wish to continue living at home, but you’re concerned for their safety or simply wish to check up on them when you can’t physically visit them in person, our CCTV kits are a great way to do this. Cameras can be installed near exits, such as doors and fire escapes, and any movement around the sensors will trigger an alert, which will be sent directly to you and received by an app on your phone. This is a really useful way of being able to prevent a potential danger before it occurs, and is also useful for relatives suffering with degenerative illnesses such as Alzheimer’s, which may cause confusion and distress.

Why CCTV for pets?

Pets: we love them, we care for them, and we hate having to leave them for a day at work. Pet separation anxiety is a real thing, and our CCTV cameras for pets ensure you can still check up on your furry friend from time to time, and feel reassured that everything is okay.

While pet separation is a common cause for wanting CCTV installed in your home, there are many reasons why you may wish to monitor your animal while you’re away. If you have a dog, you may wish to monitor it in the garden to ensure it doesn’t escape your property. If you’re going away for a week and have appointed somebody- a neighbour, for example- to feed your pet, you’ll be able to check that this is happening through your app.

Whatever the reason, UK CCTV Security Cameras are on hand to install the most appropriate CCTV systems based on your budget and requirements. For more information on anything mentioned in this post, or to arrange an installation, call us today on 08006338486 to speak to one of our engineers.