Street crime refers to any activity which is considered illegal and takes place in public places, such as residential areas, buildings and roads. Street crime is common in the UK, and unfortunately there’s little we can do ourselves other than to take measures to deter criminals from, and protect, our property or business through the use of CCTV cameras and alarms. There are hundreds of types of street crime, from minor crimes to major ones, but the most common are listed below:

  1. Anti-social crime

Anti-social crime, or anti-social behaviour, covers a wide range of unacceptable activity that causes harm to an individual or a community. Anti-social crime usually involves causing alarm, annoyance or distress to an individual or a group of people. Examples of anti-social behaviour are vandalism, street drinking playing loud music, or environmental damage, but the list is endless. In short, anything can be classed as anti-social crime if it is an ongoing issue that causes fear or anger.

If you live in an area with lots of anti-social crime, you may feel concerned about your safety or worry that your property may be damaged. A CCTV system would first deter criminals from hanging around your property, and would also mean you would be able to catch any instances of anti-social behaviour (such as vandalism to your property) on camera, which would help track the criminals down.

  1. Vehicle theft

Vehicle theft is another common crime in the UK, and involves breaking into a vehicle which is not in your possession, or attempting to break into a vehicle which isn’t in your possession, with the intention of stealing it. Thieves can break into a car using a variety of methods, whether it be with keys, or carjacking, or forcing entry (such as through a window). Some thieves have even devised equipment to help them break into vehicles, enabling them to speed up the process.

It can be worrying to imagine that your car may be stolen, especially if you’ve spent a significant amount of money on your car’s cost and upkeep. Having a CCTV camera trained on your driveway is the best way to prevent vehicle thieves from targeting your car, as they’re unlikely to want to take the risk of being caught out by the CCTV footage. And if the CCTV camera goes unnoticed and vehicle theft occurs, it may be able to pick up vital character traits of the thief that ultimately leads to their capture.

  1. Burglary

Burglary is defined as the illegal entry of a building with intent to commit a crime, especially theft. Burglars may enter a property through forced entry, such as breaking a door or smashing a window, or may be able to enter without the occurrence of physical damage, for example through an unlocked door or open window. Burglary is commonly carried out at night, when the occupants of a house are asleep, or during a time that the burglar knows the occupants of the house will be away. As with car theft, some burglars may use an instrument, such as a pry bar, to enable them to enter a building.

Burglars often make considerations between several houses before choosing to target one. Having a visible CCTV system would be enough to discourage a burglar from selecting your house to break into, as there’s a good chance they could get caught. Similarly, a working alarm system would not only deter a burglar from committing a crime in the first place, but also alert you to the break-in, meaning you don’t have to worry about what could potentially take place while you were unaware of it.

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