Two of the most popular types of surveillance camera used for home and business security are dome cameras and bullet cameras. But what are they? And what are the differences and similarities between them? Find out below:

  • Dome cameras have a round domed shape, whereas bullet cameras protrude outwards. Their appearance is their main difference
  • Bullet cameras are easier to install, as they come with a mounting handle which simply needs to be attached to a wall, whereas dome cameras are slightly more complicated to mount
  • Dome cameras are more suitable for indoor purposes because they have less of a striking appearance, and match an interior of a building without many adjustments. Bullet cameras, on the other hand, have a longer range and are extremely weather proof, making them ideal for outside
  • Bullet cameras are more visible to intruders than dome cameras, which are more discrete, and it’s more difficult to tell which way the lens is pointing
  • Dome cameras are more durable, as they are enclosed in durable housings that can endure any sort of vandalism


  • Both dome and bullet cameras have infrared LEDs, which can be used during the night co create their own light
  • Both cameras are easy to manage once installed
  • Both cameras offer complete control to the user when securing areas of any size
  • Generally, both cameras are quick and easy to install