Crime is something that is, unfortunately, unavoidable, no matter where in the world you may live. At UK CCTV Security Cameras, it’s our job to not only provide products that act as effective deterrents against crime, but also to study the field of crime, and how it changes and progresses over time. This enables us to make improvements and alterations to our products based on our findings, in order to suit our clients best.

Our research focused on information provided by UK Crime Stats, and looked at crime in England and Wales from April 2016- March 2017. A graph displaying information about different types of crimes and the number of times each crime was reported demonstrated that on a month-to-month basis, crime levels peaked in July 2016, with a total of 549,879 reported crimes, and were at their lowest in February 2017, with a total of 473,047 reported crimes. The most reported crime was crime in the “other” category, with around 300,000 of these crimes occurring every month. The least reported crime was robbery, with only around 5000 reports a month.

The graph does demonstrate at least one positive factor- there has been no dramatic increase in crime over the reported period. Crime rates have fluctuated only slightly with every month, and although March 2017 reveals one of the highest number of reports against crime of the year, it is not significantly so. However, it should be recognized that while the lack of major increase in the number of crimes during this year is a good thing, we should be seeing a dramatic increase in crime, which sadly just isn’t the case.

The crime data break-down of crimes from March 2017, the most recent month to be updated onto the website, highlighted that “other crime” remained the top most common form of crime in March, with 336, 798 occurrences reported in the UK and Wales. Following this was antisocial behaviour, with 145, 419 reports, then violent crime, with 120, 971 reports. Significantly lower was vehicle crime, and burglary, both with less than 40,000 reports, and robbery, with a report number of 5,955.

It’s important to mention that while these graphs are accurate to some extent, they can only provide information of crimes which have been reported, which isn’t the case one hundred percent of the time. Some crimes may go unnoticed, or may not be reported for personal or blackmail reasons, meaning the information can never be entirely reflective of the truth.

We can all help to prevent unnecessary crime by installing CCTV cameras and alarm systems to our homes. We provide a range of systems to suit everyone, no matter what your budget or requirements. To learn more about our products, you can browse our website or give us a call on 0800 633 8486. You can also visit UK Crime Stats and access more crime statistics by following this link: