When you think of CCTV, what are your main motives for requiring it? We’d guess for safety purposes, and to prevent crime. This is, after all, why CCTV was invented, and why the majority of us have it installed in our homes or businesses. But sometimes CCTV can actually go above and beyond its expectations. Sometimes, crazily enough, it can save lives. Here are 5 examples of when CCTV has done just this around the world:

1. Dubai, December 2016

A policeman monitors CCTV in a busy street in Dubai, watching out for crime. It suddenly comes to his attention that a man walking down the street starts to hold his hands up to his chest. When the man appears to become more distressed, and then freezes up in apparent pain, the cop immediately calls paramedics. A few minutes later, CCTV footage shows an ambulance arriving to take the man to hospital. The policeman has later been praised for his quick thinking and attentiveness that undoubtedly saved the man’s life.

2. Chelmsford, July 2010

In the early hours of the morning, a man named Paul Dent-Jones is set upon by another man, who jumps on him before repeatedly kicking and punching him, leaving him for dead. What the assailant doesn’t know, however, is that the entire attack is being watched by CCTV operators at their Chelmsford control room, who are able to quickly take action as soon as the incident is noticed. When the attacker returns to rifle through Paul Dent-Jones’ pockets, who is unconscious at this point, he is arrested by police and an ambulance arrives to take Paul to safety. Paul later says that if it wasn’t for the CCTV that day, he may have lay unconscious for hours before being found, and his attacker may have escaped conviction.

3. Mumbai, May 2017

It’s almost 9:30pm, and a policewoman sits in the CCTV control room at Mumbai Police Headquarters, monitoring the cameras at a junction nearby. At that moment, a hit-and-run takes place- a car hits a motorcycle at the junction, and then speeds away, leaving the motorcyclist unconscious in the road. The police officer immediately rings officials and informs them about the accident, and within 5 minutes two constables are at the scene, and take the motorcyclist to hospital. Bizarrely enough, the motorcyclist does not wish to press charges, as the driver of the car that hit him is a friend from his neighbourhood.

4. Australia, June 2016

Damien Berg is staying in a hotel room with his girlfriend, when a knock on the door changes his life forever. When he answers, a group of men burst in, all carrying firearms. Berg is under the impression that he’s being robbed, but next thing he knows, he’s being escorted outside to a backstreet, where he’s arrested for possessing 50 ecstasy pills, large quantities of cash and trying to sell drugs to an undercover police officer. He’s been set up. Luckily, CCTV footage showing that Berg has been kidnapped and set-up is presented to court, which eventually leads to Berg’s acquittal in September. CCTV may not have saved this lucky man’s life, but it does save him from a life in prison.

5. Bolton, July 2015

CCTV operator Philip Bailey notices a woman, vulnerable and alone, staggering through Bolton town centre at 9pm on July 4th. The woman is drunk and has just left a wedding party. Philip Baily follows her with the CCTV cameras, concerned that she is alone. Moments later, a stranger approaches the woman in the street, and begins to sexually assault her. Alarmed, Mr Bailey heads for the street, and the attacker runs off. Wasting no time, Mr Bailey alerts his colleagues and police and the alleged attacker is arrested within 10 minutes.

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